Hello Google Summer of Code 2013

GSoC 2013This summer I'm contributing to Swathanthra Malayalam Computing through Google Summer of Code 2013 by developing an application called Grandham, a bibliography data project. I've three mentors for this project, namely Anivar Aravind, Mahesh Mukundan and Baiju Muthukadan.

Grandham is essentially a web application to find, contribute and share bibliographic information. It will be serving as an enhanced version of the live application we have now - Malayalagrandham.com. The new application will have support for multiple languages, MARC21 data format, RESTful API, Internationalization and a lot more.

May 27 - June 17 is Community Bonding Period and I'm using this time to discuss and finalize various parts of application with mentors. So far we have decided how the application should collect information from users and how it should organize and store them internally. We need to strictly follow a scalable architecture and avoid internal data duplications.

The project is being built with Ruby on Rails web framework and MySQL as database. The first phase of development includes designing the rest of application and completion of basic API. It's pretty exciting to build this project, You can follow the development at githubHappy Hacking!

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