Announcing - A Social Network based on Quiz

logo_small I'm very happy to announce my recent hobby project - It is a social network for people who love quiz.

I've been observing an increasing number of people in facebook who make and join groups to ask GK questions for information sharing and fun. But facebook group is not built for quizzing and the whole fun of finding the answer remains until the first guy finds and posts it as a comment. QuizGrid essentially solves this problem, answering and commenting on a question are different entities in QuizGrid. Also the support for questions with options is another advantage among many other features in this quizzing platform.

Unlike the traditional quiz pages over web, QuizGrid gives you a social network experience with the  feed of questions ranked according to the users you follow. QuizGrid also shows actions like 'Bob and Alice answered this question' or 'John, Tom and 4 others commented on this question', and so on if you follow Bob, Alice, John, Tom and those 4 other users. QuizGrid also has data crunching algorithms to show you relevant and concise real time notifications.

As a software developer, programming this project was immense of fun and challenging. I remember rewriting the entire code written using ORM for extracting relevant questions based on the actions of following users with raw SQL queries since the ORM implementation became very on a simulation test with thousands of questions and users. There's definitely room for improvement and new features. Since it's a hobby project, I develop QuizGrid during nights and weekends, I look forward to release more features and performance fixes in coming weekends.

Please sign up at if you are interested in Quiz and networking with similar minded people. Cheers!

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