This page lists some of my personal projects.


Memoboard is a Slack app that converts messages to memos and tasks with automated follow-ups. It’s built using Ruby on Rails and Sidekiq. The app is hosted in Heroku.



CollabQA is a collaborative space to share/vote ideas and questions, in real time. It’s particularly useful during conference talks and video calls, attendees can add/vote questions to ask after the talk. It’s built using Phoenix LiveView in Elixir. It’s self-hosted in a DigitalOcean droplet.

3. SaveCloudCost

SaveCloudCost was a service to help organizations reduce their cloud infrastructure costs by optimizing resources.

4. TalentSpace

TalentSpace was a programming school I founded in Kochi, India to teach Ruby to students. I was fortunate to mentor 6 students and all of them pursued a career in Software Development.

5. Grandham (Opensource contributor)

Grandham is a bibliography data project to index books published in Malayalam language.


6. QuizGrid

QuizGrid was a gaming platform to ask/answer general knowledge questions and collect points.

7. MyFest

MyFest was an college events aggregator. It once used to list all major college events in India.

8. Salt Analysis Simulator

Salt Analysis Simulator was a C++ application which helped students practice salt analysis in computer.