Salt Analysis Simulator V1.0 - Released!

For the past few weeks, I have been coding to bring out a program to do salt analysis lab work virtually. We have salt Analysis as a part of plus two academics and it is a process of finding the anion and cation which the salt contain through a systematic procedure. We add many reagents / acids throughout the labwork and analyse the result to identify the anion and cation. I hope this program would help students to practice salt analysis at their home and would feel confident!

The program is completely written in C++ and is intended to work on M$ DO$ platform, becuase more students are using M$ Platform including Biology-science group students. Another techincal reason is that, I have used clrscr(), gotoxy() and getchar() many times which is a troublesome work to implement in ANSI standard.

The program works based on a new algorithm which I name it as "IntMatchReact" since the reaction process is done through a matching of integer values. While developing this software, I had a notion to implement anti-piracy for fun which was left on the way. The software is licensed under GPL and I would like you to go through the code and help in improving.

Please post your valuable comments and improvement tips. Thank you :)

Get SAS V1.0 (here)

Bug: i forgot to add exit function for 'e' key stroke, have exams now - will upload SAS with minor corrections soon :)

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