Connect TATA Docomo Internet in Ubuntu 9.04

It's wonderful to see people browsing in their mobile phones at work places and while they travel. Many Telecom companies provide cheap GPRS / EDGE based internet connectivity which can also be connected to a computer. Here, I will explain how to connect TATA Docomo Internet service in your Ubuntu machine.

Step 1 : Connect your phone and create a new 'Mobile Broadband' connection from the appeared wizard. You can Select 'Airtel' in 'Service Provider' which we will change to suit Docomo Internet.

Step 2 :  Change the 'Name' in 'Summary' page to "Docomo Internet"

Step 3 : Go to System --> Preferences --> Network Connections, Under the "Mobile Broadband" tab, select "Docomo Internet" and click on "Edit".

Step 4 : Change APN to ' TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET ' without quotes. Also, Under "IPv4" tab, select "Method" as "Automatic (PPP) addresses only". We will give Open DNS as DNS servers, ie, in the "DNS Servers" box, give ',' wihout quotes.

Done! Now click on the antenna icon in system tray, select "Docomo Internet" from the list - You are connected! Best of Luck :)

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