GSoC 2013: Week 4 of Grandham project

Last week, I worked on edit book feature and design mockups.

Edit book feature

As you know from previous posts, we have Submission model to store every contribution from users. When an user submits a correction or an edit, it gets stored as a new Submission in submissions table which needs approval from task force to live. 'Edit' component of this feature was implented last week.

We have a few routes associated with this feature.

The following route is to post details for adding a new book. It requires language_id (language short code such as ML or EN) to associate the book to that language. Grandham creates new Submission and a new Book instance (with auto generated grandham_id) if submission to this route was successful.

 POST language_submissions_path - /language/:language_id/submissions

Next route is the edit book feature's route. It requires book_id (grandham_id of the book) to accept information. It creates just a new Submission for the exising book. This submission will be available for task force to approve.

 POST book_submissions_path - /books/:book_id/submissions

Design mockups

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had drawn the design mockups for basic features of Grandham. The application will be in a state to go live when the features in design mockups are done.


We now have a live instance of app running in Heroku -

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