Checknet V1.0 Alpha (GNU/Linux only)

Checknet is an application developed for slow Internet connection(especially Dial-up) users who likes to turn off monitor while downloading some files from the web. Since the monitor is switched off or else if you are working with some other application, you wouldn't know whether the download is interrupted by connection erros. This application gives you beep-beep alerts when the connection gets dissconnected or the download is interrupted. You even need not turn your speakers ON for alerts, the alerts are from CPU :).

This programs is working based on the amount of received-data. It wil update the record every 2 seconds, if there is no change in the total recieved data, it just starts giving you alerts.

Checknet was initially created just for my personal use, hence it doesn't feature a good interface or other extra elements. Feel free to edit it to suit your style.

Thanks to Ragsagar ettan and Sarath ettan :)

Click here for the executable fileClick here for the source code

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