A journey with sabayon…

Think of a wonderful world where you have every basic needs without much difficulty and effort. Quite interesting??  well,  This is what sabayon explains, where you will feel heaven if you are using slow Internet without compromising in quality and support.  A bit confusing ?? we'll see...

My journey with GNU/Linux  started with gentoo  2 years before, when I had a tough time installing it as dual boot  and of  course, it  ended up in the complete data loss !! My next linux-try was ubuntu 8.04, the one that Jesse had given, was easy to install and use. The next OS' that i tried was  ubuntu 8.10, ubuntu 9.04, kubuntu 8.10 and fedora. But the problem with all these was they are CDs !! Though they contain all basic softwares and packages, it was a tough job to get additional ones. I had to rely on my slow Dial up connection which would take 15 minutes to download 10 MB!! So the one and only choice was to get a DVD based distro.

For the past few weeks,  I was searching for such a DVD release distro so that the rate of software and package downloads can be minimised considerably. My next step was to find such a disrto. To download nearly 4.5 GB @ 16 kbps speed is obviously a nightmare. Then i thought of taking copy, but the source became a issue. As i don't have any Linux based magazine's subscription, it was almost impossible.  But later  i came to know that one my friends has such a subscription and he has a  DVD that contains sabayon 4.

Then the things went pretty fast. The installation of sabayon was easy and without XFCE and games, it consumed nearly 9 GB and  took 44 minutes to complete in my P4 2.6 GHz, 1.2 GB RAM Desktop.  The intial boot soon after the installation was slow and it took around 2 minutes to get the login screen. Even now, it is a wonderful sight for me to see many desktop environments including KDE, GNOME etc.. in sessions menu :)

Sabayon 4 has all basic free software and package by default. sabayon is meant for all type of users. The software collection explains this.  Inkscape, GIMP etc... are meant for graphic enthusiasts where GCC, JAVA,Python,etc.. are there for programmers. Like these, sabayom comes with many pretty and useful softwares so that users dont have to spend time searching for them. Well, there are the good sides of sabayon. As always, it has another side which is not serious but which worths mentioning here. In ubuntu and other distros, we can install any software or package by running 'apt-get install' in terminal which is not possible in sabayon. Also, sabayon dont support deb/rpm packages by default though the team claims it is not necessory where the internal package manager is more than enough. But it would have been better if  sabayon supports that also. Next issue is that, it doesn't support malayalam by default where i had to install it manually.

Well, I'm not going more technical because, this is my limit. I should stop here, the rest ie about it's core,kernel, working, etc... are available over web. Please have a look at it if you are interested. I haven't read this post twice, so they are chances for grammatical/technical/spelling mistakes. Please point them out. Thank you

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